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Book and Lyrics by Sam Rossi

Music by Flash Allen

Directed by Walter R. Stump

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Gorham, Maine


University of Southern Maine, Department of Theatre, Theatre Program


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


CAST (in order of initial appearance)

Fancy ... Tina Allen
Fancy's Attendants ... Stephanie Purinton, Laura Lee Sawyer
Peter ... Don Jellerson
Character 1 (Peter's Intellect) ... Kim Gowen
Character 2 (Peter's Physical) ... Brett Johnson
Character 3 (Peter's Spirit) ... Jane B. Sylvester
Tessa, Peter's mother ... Cathy Counts
Gus, the cat; Jason; another troll ; Young Peter; Sir Twelve ... Scott Powers
Eli; Courtier Troll; Ugly Child; Sir Nine ... William Temple
Jasper, Laura's father; the Troll King; Sir Six ... Matthew Power
Elena, Sarah's mother; Petunia, a trollette; Lady Five ... Stephanie E: Gould
Marrianne, Sam's mother; Gwen, a trollette;
Lady Two; Queen of Soria Moria ... Laurel Jellerson
Carrie; Olive, a trollette; Lady One ... Annie Jordan
Sam; Joshua ... Harold S. Withee
Sarah ... Jillaine Mortensen
Amanda; Daphney, a trollette ; Lady Eight ... Renee Laurey
Laura; Laurel, a trolette and later an old hag; the Empress; the princess of Soria Moria ... Jaye Churchill

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Gynt: A Rock Musical Fantasy Program [1985]



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