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(A Musical Romp Through the Movies)

By Christopher Durang

Staged by Minor Rootes

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Gorham, ME


Theatre, University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre, Theatre Program


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


Loretta ... Sherri McManus

Jimmy ... Robert McGurn

Bette ... Kristen Hornlien

Hank ... Peter G. Thurell

Eve ... Andrea Booker

Viola, Piano Man, Sam, Ito, Etc ... Robert Edwards

Policeman, Abdhul, Etc ... Steve Huss

Bar Girl, Grandma Joad, Second Blessed Mother, Etc ... Jill Madore

Newspaper Boy, Body Guard, Mickey, Etc ... Joey Murray

First Blessed Mother, Allison, Prison Matron, Etc ... Portia Napier

Reporter, Pa Joad, Director, Victor, Etc ... Greg O'Neill

The Mother. Clara, Etc ... Eileen Rosenburg

Minstrel Singer, Killer, Reporter. Etc ... Edwin Strout

God, Judge, Edward, Harkness, Etc ... William Temple

Ticket Taker, Michael, Uncle Sam, Etc ..... R. Stockbridge Truslow

Orphanage Lady, Ma O'Reilly, Ma Joad, Statue of Liberty ... Elizabeth Whitman

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A History of the American Film Program



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