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Written by Alfred Noyes

Stage Manager Alfred Quimby

Presented at Commencement, June, 1926

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Gorham, ME


Theatre, University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre, Theatre Program


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


Cast of Characters

Robin, Earl of Huntingdon, known as Robin Hood ... Jean Grove
Marian Fitzwalter, known as Maid Marian, betrothed to Robin ... Constance Allen
Fitzwalter, her father ... Blanche Haynes
Prince John ... Julia Hickson
King Richard, Coeur de Lion ... Margaret Harriman
Queen Elinor, mother of Prince John and King Richard ... Philena Mitchell
Arthur, young nephew to Prince John ... Alice Cameron
Blondel, the King's minstrel ... Doris Dyer
Shadow-of-a-Leaf, a fool ... Blanche Clark

Outlaws and followers of Robin Hood

Little John ... Dorothy Seidel
Friar Tuck ... Freda Wesson
Will Scarlet ... Clara Leyenborg
Reynold Greenleaf ... Harriet Anderson
Much ... Josephine Manchester

The Sheriff of Nottingham ... Dorothy Upham
Men at Arms ... Emma Dorgan and Winnifred Coughlin
Oberon, King of the Fairies ... Betty Ayer
Titania, Queen of the Fairies ... Mary McGoff
Puck, a Fairy ... Faye Matthews
Jenny, Maid to Marian ... Theora Tyler
Widow Scarlet, Will's mother ... Bertha Arnold
Prioress of Kirklee ... Dorothy Loring
Novice of Kirklee ... Majel Deware
Saxon Serf ... Margaret Allen
Old Man ... Lorna Moulton
Blind Man ... Lucy Marsh
Woman ... Eleanor Dufresne

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Sherwood Program [1926]



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