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Written by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Directed by Miss Cathryn Parker

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Gorham, ME


Theatre, University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre, Theatre Program


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


Cast of Characters:

Lorenzo, King of Fiori ... Shirley Hamilton
Mario, King of Lagoverde ... Edna Keough
Guido, Duke de Versilia, nephew of .Lorenzo ... Helen Keirns
Giovanni, gentleman at the court of Lorenzo ... Bernice Smith
Luigi, gentleman at the court of Lorenzo ... Annie Saba
Raffaele, gentleman at the court of Lorenzo ... Marion McCobb
Anselmo, gentleman at the court of Lorenzo ... Erma Stuart
Fidelio, Jester at Court of Lorenzo ... Florence Reidy
Guiseppe, Agent for Duke's Estates ... Doris Glidden
Cesco, Townsman of Fiori ... Cordelia Barnard
Horatio, Townsman of Fiori ... Alice Adams
Beppo, Son of Guiliana ... Doris Jackson
Rigo, Son of Leonora ... Glenna Knight
Clerk ... Arlene Sawyer
Messenger ... Bernice Hart
Servant. ... Anna Folan
Octavia, Lorenzo's Secorid Wife ... Vesta Parsons
Beatrice, "Rose-Red," daughter of Lorenzo by a former marriage ... Edna Kittredge
Bianca, ''Snow-White,'' daughter of Octavia by a former marriage ... Dorothy Owen
Laura, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Bessie Greeley
Carlotta, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Theresa McCormack
Francesca, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Cynthia Harriman
Viola, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Dorilda Vermette
Lilina, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Suzanne O'Connor
Lela, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Katherine Roche
Arianna, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Arlene Marcille
Claudia, Lady of the Court of Lorenzo ... Mary Tompkins
Grazia, Nurse to Beatrice and Bianca ... Ruth Saunders
Giulietta, Servant to Bianca ... Annie Hall
"Little Snow White," Daughter of Bianca ... Gabrielle Pomerleau
"Little Snow Red," Daughter of Bianca ... Cornelia Leighton
Leonora, Woman of Fiori ... Dorothy Gallagher
Guiliana, Woman of Fiori ... Dorothy Walsh
Clara, Woman of Fiori ... Rachel Sawyer
Giovanitta, Woman of Fiori ... Elizabeth Gilchrest
Anna, Woman of Fiori ... Ethel VanDerkar
Eugenia, Woman of Fiori ... Louise Murphy
Eleanora, Daughter of Leonora ... Marjorie Steen
Luisa, Daughter of Leonora ... Nellie McLaughlin
Gilda, Sister of Beppo ... Lorna White
Adelina, Little Girl ... Hattie Jacobs
Nurse ... Ina McGrath
Lisa, a poor Woman ... Rose Keeley
Lisette, Child of Lisa ... Bertha Stonier
Luigi, Child of Lisa ... Jennie Waterman
Pierrot, Strolling Player ... Mabel Littlefield
Harlequin, Strolling Player ... Sara Israelson
Pantaloon, Strolling Player ... Margaret Scully
Polichinello, Strolling Player ... Helena. Jackson
Columbine, Strolling Player ... Geneva Culhane

COURT MUSICIANS - Helen Gilman, Myona Goldthwaite, Beatrice Farwell. PAGES-Towle, Grant, Webb, Gibbs, Dinsmore, Trafton, E. Hutchins, Stilphen.

DANCE - Pippert, Rosen, A. Parsons, Heath, Johnson, McDonough, Moores, O'Hare, C. O'Connor, Martin, Roderick, Williams, H. Jackson, Culhane.

LADIES OF THE COURT - Thomas, C. Rollins, Mossman, H, Hall, Hatch, Plummer, Silke, Foley, Hunter.

GENTLEMEN OF THE COURT - Murray, Wyman, Quimby, M. Stewart, Mitchell, Newcomb, J. Rollins, Morton, O'Brien.

SOLDIERS - MacDonald, Mullen, Thurston, A. Smith, Keefe, Shortill, True, Staples, Webber, Larracey, Hodgdon. Ferguson.

MEN OF FIORI - R. Hamilton, Hooper, Hughey, Moody, U. Hutchin�, Kochian, Patch, A. Rogers, Hawkes.

WOMEN OF FIORI - McGlynn, Mullaly, M. Parsons, Perham, N. Rogers, Fossett, Twombly, Wallace, Kinmond.

CHILDREN OF FIORI - G. Rogers, Stonier, Way, Crandlemire, Stevens, Bridges.

CUPID DANCE - Children of primary grades.

Location: Box 13, Folder 3

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The Lamp and the Bell: Drama in Five Acts Program [1925]



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