Becoming an Occupation-Based Practitioner in the Acute Care Setting by Utilizing the Dynamic Model of Occupation-Based Practice: An Autoethnography

Date of Award

Spring 4-5-2024

Document Type


First Advisor

Tammy Bickmore

Second Advisor

Susan Noyes


: occupation-based practice, Occupation-Based Practice Assessment, Dynamic Model of Occupation-Based Practice, acute care, hospitals


The realm of occupational therapy in acute care has seen dramatic changes throughout the last few decades. Perspectives have deviated from the profession’s roots in occupation-based practice and have morphed to become more in alignment with the medical model of practice. As an occupational therapist practicing in the acute care setting, I wanted to bring to light a technique that practitioners can utilize to change their practice to become more occupation-based. In this autoethnography, I explore a new model of practice and accompanying tool that were

developed to assist practitioners in becoming occupation-based practitioners. Through my own personal experience, I hope to inspire a shift back to the roots of occupational therapy and demonstrate the possibilities for change.


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