Capstones, Research Projects, and Curricula


The Masters of Science in Education (MSEd.) with a concentration in Teaching and Learning (MTL) culminates with and action research course EDU 643 Inquiry in Education. As the Masters capstone -- research projects are designed, implemented, and evaluated. Below are selected examples of student work representing a variety of topics, grade levels, and research methods.

Current USM MSEd candidates can submit department-approved capstone research projects to USM Digital Commons by completing the web form and attaching a PDF file of their work: Submit Research


Capstone Research Projects from 2024

Becoming an Occupation-Based Practitioner in the Acute Care Setting by Utilizing the Dynamic Model of Occupation-Based Practice: An Autoethnography, Katherine Lagueux

Capstone Research Projects from 2018


Teaching Place-Based Science in Kindergarten, Lucy Atkins

Capstone Research Projects from 2017


The Impacts of Explicit Systematic Phonics Instruction on the Areas of Decoding and Fluency for Students with a Specific Learning Disability in Reading, Marina Hingston

Capstone Research Projects from 2016


An Investigation into the Accessibility of AP Calculus, Brian Austin Dodge


Field Ecology Curriculum on White Tail Deer Population in Maine, Shellbe Flynn '20


Providing Adolescents with Outdoor Experiences to Deepen Nature Connection and Enhance Writing in Science, Amanda Ripa