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USM Access Thesis

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PS3620.R3747 W7 2017

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Elizabeth Hand

Second Advisor

Nancy Holder

Third Advisor

Justin Tussing


Whoever said, “The dead tell no tales,” wasn’t listening. Their stories live in the granite above them, telling of their lives, their deaths, and, most importantly, their secrets. Writ in Stone: Stories from a Cemetery unearths a few of the tales that have been carved there, waiting to be told.

Kingfield is a small town, similar to any of the thousands of towns and villages that pepper the landscape of rural New England. It has a post office, a general store, a library. It’s what you would call a “sleepy little town,” a place where people gather on porches—watching sunsets, games of horseshoes, and fireflies that are chased and caught in jars.

This town also has a cemetery. And like every burial ground worth its dirt, it’s filled with the tales of love, hate, and the deaths that sometimes result from both. They are the stories of families who stayed there for generations, and they are the legends of those who left and came back to be buried. Together the stones tell the history of a town, a sometimes shameful narrative that was long ago written in stone.


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