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USM Access Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Justin Tussing


The Awakening is the story of a young girl named Roxna who must be bound to aman and pregnant before her 77th menstrual cycle. If she is not, she dies.

This is the Binya’s curse, a curse enacted upon the people of Kkyurg hundreds of years ago. Now Roxna and her friends, Kalea and Tirren, must produce life to continue living. The only thing hindering Roxna is her poverty and her personal encounter with the binya that occurred years ago. On the night of Kalea’s binding celebration, Roxna’s pet rapagazi, Tea-Tea, is killed. Devastated, Roxna seeks the help of Kael, her former teacher and current member of the Duttred council. She also finds unlikely help in the form of Malik, a boy who shares a forbidden encounter with the binya as well. As Kael seeks legal help for Roxna, Malik encourages her to share her hidden past with the binya as well as accept the fact that they are not the evil creatures they were taught to fear. To discover the truth behind the Binya’s curse, Roxna must face death itself.


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