Date of Award


Document Type

USM Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Elizabeth Searle

Second Advisor

Robert V.S. Redick

Third Advisor

Justin Tussing


This thesis comprises the first two hundred forty double-spaced pages from the science fiction novel, The Last Light Of Our Lives (here after referred to as Last Light).

Last Light tells the story of Alistair McGowan after he joins a multinational initiative determined to investigate the strange new light that has appeared in the skies over Earth, known as the "Star," and the mysterious visions it inflicts on any who stare into it. Told in first person and evoking the style of works like Clifford Simak's Way Station, Robert Charles Wilson's Spin, and Robert J. Sawyer's Calculating God, Last Light utilizes a collection of literary devices including a frame narrative and epistolary segments to explore themes such as fear of otherness, the futility of self-delusion, and the vital importance of personal connection during times of crisis.


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