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USM Access Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Elizabeth Searle

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Tom Coash

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Justin Tussing


Trash Keep Sell is a combination of multiple genres of fictional work including short fiction, an excerpt from a longer fiction, a stage play, an excerpt of a screenplay, and a poem. The collection of works follows a variety of characters during different historical points, each being effected directly and indirectly by these events. While the works focus mainly on minority characters, the themes of family, relationships, loss, and identify are threaded through, each focusing on a perspective that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable for many readers.

The characters in the works range from Irish soldiers during the Mexican-American War, a janitor at Reagan National Airport during 911, three sisters struggling with the division of their deceased mother's property, a woman with a dying mother and the Mexican border separating her children from their father, and gay men struggling with relationships during the HIV crisis.


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