The Sereid

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Theodora Goss

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Robert VS Redick

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Justin Tussing


The Sereid is a fantasy novel inspired by the culture of ancient China. The story revolves around a girl who is murdered by her father, the cover-up of the murder, and the aftermath of the crime following her resurrection by a fox spirit. The thesis is composed of interrelated chapters that move between points of view, from periods when the protagonist is still a child to when she becomes a young woman. Several chapters follow the supporting characters of The Sereid other than the protagonist and reveal how each of them has been affected in turn.

China has over four thousand years of history; plenty of corrupt rulers have existed within the pages of its records, and along with them, avoidable human tragedies. The Sereid explores questions surrounding vengeance, justice, salvation and morality. It is ultimately a critique of the Confucian influences that have been present in Chinese culture for over a thousand years: the subservient role of women, filial piety, and obedience to rulers.


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