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Anastasia Azenaro-Moore Susie R. Bock Ida Santos Larissa Malone


Portland, Maine / Zoom

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A virtual panel discussion on mapping Maine’s African American History

Mapping Maine; Digitizing and Charting Sites Connected to Maine’s Black History

Anastasia Azenaro-Moore has worked in historic preservation since graduating with her Masters's from Savannah College of Art in Design in 2017. She currently works as the Operations and Communications Administrator at Maine Preservation

Making African American History in Maine Visible: African American Collection Project,

Susie R. Bock, Coordinator of USM’s Special Collection, holds Master's degrees in European History and Library Science from Columbia University and has curated the African American Collection for over 20 years.

Ida Santos, an undergraduate working on a degree, majoring in both Music and Physics, has been gathering the mapping data since September 2020.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?: The Landscape of Anti-Blackness in American Schooling

Larissa Malone, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Cultural Foundations of Education from the School of Foundations, Leadership, and Administration at Kent State University. Dr. Larissa Malone is an assistant professor in USM's Teacher Education Department. A critical race theorist, Dr. Malone’s research centers on the minority experience in American schooling, inclusive of students, parents, and teachers, and her aim is towards creating equitable educational spaces for all.


African AMerican History, Maine, Mapping, MApping Archives, Mapping History

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