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Portland, Maine / Zoom

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This talk examines the struggle for sexual orientation-inclusive non-discrimination protections in Maine at the municipal and state levels through a close textual analysis of how
the local gay and lesbian press described these struggles at the time. Maine was home to more than a dozen gay and lesbian newspapers and during the protracted battles over sexual
orientation-inclusive non-discrimination protections, beginning with Portland’s municipal referendum in 1992 and ending with a statewide referendum in 2005, four papers published
regularly: Our Paper, Apex, Community Pride Reporter, and 10%.

Dr. Ryan Conrad is a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council postdoctoral fellow in Cinema and Media Arts at York University in Toronto where he is working on a manuscript entitled Radical VIHsion: Canadian AIDS Film & Video. Currently he teaches part-time in the sexuality studies programs at both Carleton University in Ottawa and Concordia University in Montreal. He earned a PhD from the Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Society and Culture at Concordia University and an MFA in interdisciplinary studio arts from the Maine College of Art. Before moving to Canada he spent a decade living, working, and playing in Lewiston, Maine.

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