Signs of the Times: Documenting Covid-19 Signs in Southern Maine

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Wendy Chapkis


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BLACK [Transgender Pride Flag] [Traditional Pride Flag] [Nonbinary Pride Flag] STONES
Maine's Friendliest LGBTQ+ Bar

As Portland has issued a curfew on
bars and restaurants, Blackstones
will be closed Tuesday, March 17
until further notice. For further infor-
mation regarding Blackstones,
please join our Facebook community
group: Blackstones Portland.
This is the time to reach out to mem-
bers of community that need as-
sistance of any kind. Individuals of
high-risk physical health and those
that have mental health issues will
need assistance in the coming weeks.
If you have a car, a phone, and ear...
do what you can for the community.
We need not be under the same roof
to remain together.
[row of hearts in select Pride colors]


Portland, Maine

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Paper - Print

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Community Center

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