Review of the book Recovery From Severe Mental Illnesses: Research Evidence and Implications for Practice Volume 2

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Book Review

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal


Reviews the book, Recovery from severe mental illnesses: Research evidence and implications for Practice Volume II by Larry Davidson, Courtney Harding, and Leroy Spaniol (2006). This second volume compendium of previously published literature is a continuation of the first volume that provides evidentiary research and compelling support for a recovery based system of mental health care. Each editor, in turn, has prefaced three chapters with an overview of the readings. The book opens with a brief foreword by Dr. William Anthony who underscores the significance of the research evidence cited in the text that has led to the paradigm shift in mental health towards recovery-oriented services. The editors share their premise for advancing a humanistic, recovery vision, citing the evidentiary basis for the position through the established research and practice innovations present in the literature. They remind us of the value of technologies including psychotropic medications and a need for more inclusive, collaborative partnerships. The text is a powerful compilation of readings connecting research and practice serving as a solid foundation for a future, recovery oriented evolution in the nation's mental health system of care.