Inquiry into partnered student teaching in an urban school-university partnership

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Spring 2009

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School-University Partnerships


School–university partnerships are promising collaborations for better preparing qualified and competent teachers for the realities of today’s diverse American classrooms. Re-search has been conducted on many aspects of partnerships, but few studies have focused on partnered student teaching placements. In this article, a professor and five of her former teacher education students share the outcomes of an inquiry group that they conducted, which focused on analyzing learning opportunities in an urban school–university partnership. As a result of their collaborative research, they describe how partnered field experiences promote student teachers’ learning by providing (1) comfort in a diverse school environment and in the role of teacher, (2) support for planning and delivering effective instruction, and (3) development as reflective practitioners and critical thinkers. This article is unique in that student teachers share their experiences directly with the teacher education community, as coauthors with their university professor.