Generalizability and dependability of a multi-item direct behavior rating scale in a kindergarten classroom

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Journal of Applied School Psychology


Accurate and rapid identification of students displaying behavioral problems requires instrumentation that is user friendly and reliable. The purpose of the study was to evaluate a multi-item direct behavior rating scale called the Direct Behavior Rating-Multiple Item Scale (DBR–MIS) for disruptive behavior to determine the number of administrations necessary to achieve a dependable result. In addition, a study was conducted to determine to what degree the DBR-MIS correlated with a brief rating scale of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder behaviors. Participants were Kindergarten students (n = 18) who were observed and rated over nine 5-min observation periods by 2 raters with minimal training. Results indicated that the DBR-MIS provided reliable estimates of disruptive behavior by the seventh or eighth rating occasion. Correlations between the DBR-MIS and the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder rating scale were weak to moderate. Overall, the DBR-MIS for disruptive behavior efficiently achieved dependable results when screening groups of Kindergarten students in a public school setting.


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