Using a Facts Quiz as a First Class Exercise. TECHNIQUES.

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Lifelong Learning


A short facts quiz can be an effective opener in an adult education class. Although true-and-false quizzes work well, facts quizzes do not need to have a dichotomous structure. However, questions should be based on the content to be covered in the course, and it is best to use questions that are empirical in nature. Such facts-based quizzes allow teachers to build an early information base while at the same time examining students' values and attitudes toward certain issues. The benefits of opening-session facts quizzes are numerous. They are highly flexible, invite interaction, and help create a common language. Moreover, facts quizzes are an easy way for teachers to clarify misconceptions or compare different groups' knowledge about an issue. Using facts quizzes as a pretest/posttest of learning in a course, especially when scores are kept anonymous and aggregated, is another of their many possible applications.