Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of a Certificate Program in Nursing Management

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The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing


The idea for a certificate program in nursing management at the University of Hartford began by way of an informal evaluation of existing continuing education offerings in nursing in 1982. At that time numerous noncredit evening courses were being offered through the Office of Continuing Education in areas such as cardiorespiratory assessment, problem-oriented nursing assessment, nursing care of the older adult, pediatric nursing and therapeutic touch. The evaluation conducted by the administration of continuing education did not take the form of a large, scientific study. It did, however, examine several variables. An important consideration for most continuing education administrators in higher education is the matter of course enrollments. While the nursing courses were not doing poorly during this time, enrollments were not growing in any significant way. It appeared as though changes had to be made to infuse the program with new life. In addition to a perceived need to develop and market some new programs in order to stimulate enrollments, conversations held between the continuing education and nursing departments led both units to realize that the portfolio of continuing education courses offered could be restructured in order to better serve the professional development needs of nurses.