Rural Hospitals (Flex Program)

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MRHRC, Community Benefit, scorecard, national, CAH, indicators, critical access hospital, rural


Community benefit activities are programs and services that provide treatment and/or promote health in response to identified community needs. Nonprofit hospitals, including Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), are required to report their community benefit activities to the Internal Revenue Service using Form 990, Schedule H. In order to monitor the community benefit activities of CAHs and understand whether and how their community benefit profiles differ from the profiles of other hospitals, we compared CAHs to non-metropolitan non-CAHs (non-metro hospitals) and metropolitan (metro) hospitals using a set of community benefit indicators developed by the Flex Monitoring Team (FMT). The report looks at four core measures of community benefit engagement, services offered by hospitals, and hospital systems, networks, and joint ventures. The report suggests that CAHs can contribute more to the health of their communities by better targeting and managing their community benefit activities.



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