Research Innovation and Institutional Growth

This project was commissioned by USM Digital Humanities for two reasons:

  • To explore the impact of Information Technology on businesses, nonprofits, and workplace settings
  • To assess how the arts and humanities can empower students to gain new skills and knowledge to forge successful careers and become thoughtful agents for social and cultural change.

We are pleased to present the report to the general public, especially to the USM community; we hope it will benefit students, staff, faculty, administrators, and stakeholders interested in furthering the mission of the public university. We are confident that regardless of academic background and disciplinary orientation, the report will shed light on powerful changes unleashed by the rise of the digital.

John Muthyala, Professor, Department of English, PI

Jan Piribeck, Professor, Department of Art, Co-PI USM Digital Humanities


Submissions from 2018


Research Innovation and Institutional Growth: Digital Humanities, USM, and the University of Maine System, Janet M. Billson and Katherine Bessey