University Reorganization

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Who was on the Design Team?
What is the overall goal of the draft proposal?
What is the proposal?
What’s the specific rationale behind the proposal for the schools/colleges?
What is the schedule?
What are the cost savings of this draft proposal?
When will we know if there are faculty and/or staff lay-offs?
How will tenure guidelines be affected?
My department isn’t listed in the proposed draft. Does this mean it’s being eliminated?
How long with the current deans serve?
Will there still be department chairs? How will that structure be reconfigured?
What’s the role of USM LAC faculty in this proposal?
Are there physical moves associated with this proposal?
How does this draft affect the Core Curriculum?
How were the discussions from the two convocations factored into the decision-making process?
How does this draft proposal fit with the University System’s “New Challenges, New Directions Initiative” and with USM’s Strategic Plan, “Preparing USM for the Future: 2009-2014?”
What mechanism will there be to make comments or register concerns?