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The threatened closure of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has spurred an intense examination of the future economic prospects for York County, Maine and Rockingham County, New Hampshire. This report provides the first integrated analysis of the shipyard’s effects on both the Maine and New Hampshire economies. The shipyard accounts for more than 10,000 direct and indirect jobs across the two-state region. Over 80% of these jobs are in York County, with an additional 10% in Rockingham County and the balance spread through the rest of Maine and New Hampshire. The total jobs associated with the shipyard account for 3.5% of employment in York and Rockingham counties, but 8.5% of York County employment. The shipyard, together with its indirect effects, accounts for over $750 billion in regional output (gross regional product), which is 5% of output in the region and 12% of York County output.


Prepared for the Southern Maine Planning Commission