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Mickey is a graduate student at USM studying Social Work and is an Adult Learning Coach at USM. She is 31 years old and is bi-sexual. Mickey grew up in Brunswick, Maine and her mom raised her and her two sisters. She has been in a seven year relationship with her partner David. She came out about 14 years old, however, it was not well received by her mother, and Mickey remained quiet about it for several years until more recently. Her mother has relaxed more about it, is more accepting and wants her to be happy. As a result of this Mickey is more relaxed and appears to be coming out a little at a time. She also spoke about her sister Emily, who is no longer here. As an Adult Learning Coach at USM, she is a very supportive person in a quiet way for the LGBTQ community as well as to all adult students who come to her for help. Her goal is to work in a supportive environment for the LGBTQ at a middle school or high school.

Please cite as: Querying the Past: LGBTQ Maine Oral History Project Collection, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ Collection, Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine, University of Southern Maine Libraries. For more information about the Querying the Past: Maine LGBTQ Oral History Project, please contact Dr. Wendy Chapkis.


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Family of origin, friendship and chosen family, the process of coming out, education, career.


History of Gender | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Oral History | Women's Studies

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