Koen, Susan


Koen, Susan


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Susan Koen in a lesbian women who has participated in many political and feminist movements throughout her lifetime. She was raised in New Orleans, but moved around a lot during her life, giving her a vast array of life experiences. She participated in the Anti-Nuclear Movement of the 70s and co-wrote a book called Ain't Nowhere We Can Run: A Handbook for Women on the Nuclear Mentality. In addition to this, she has studied and participated in a number of feminist collectives, including the Off Our Backs newspaper, the Women's Pentagon Action, and the Maine Won't Discriminate campaign. Koen wrote her dissertation on the organizational aspects of feminist workplaces, where she studied the New Hamsphire Feminist Health Center, Bloodroot: A Restaurant and Bookstore, and the Off Our Backs newspaper. Koen has a marked interest in music, has attended multiple different feminist music festivals, and loves Sweet Honey in the Rock, an African-American feminist musical group.


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Koen, Susan