Pezet, Antoinette


Pezet, Antoinette


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Antoinette Pezet was born in New York April 23, 1937 as William Anthony Pezet. She recognized she was bisexual in her early teens. Her family was accepting of her sexuality very early on. Before enlisted in the military in her early twenties, she married her first wife, Helga. Due to mental health issues, Helga and Antoinette divorced. Antoinette then married her second wife, Emily, and went on to have two children.

It was not until Antoinette was divorced from Emily that she started dressing as a woman. In her early fifties she had a conversation with Jean Vermette that first gave language to Antoinette; transgender. This language molded her own version of her gender. Antoinette identifies as “a man who lives as a woman.” She notes her strong connection to both men and woman frames her gender identity.

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Fall 11-16-2017


Portland, ME


Transgendered, bisexuality, gender, marriage, paternal relationship, maternal relationship, New York, military, Jean Vermette, Transupport, religion, Circle of Hope, YMCA, SAGE Maine


History of Gender | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Oral History | Women's Studies

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Pezet, Antoinette