O'Day, Janet


O'Day, Janet


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Janet O'Day is 71 years old. She lives in Maine with her wife, Rosemary. She has one adult son. She was raised in a Catholic Family in Quincy, Massachusettes. She came out later in life after being married to a man and having a son. Religion is important to Janet and she was involved with Dignity in Boston and Maine, an organization that provides Catholic Mass and religious support to Catholic LGBTQ people. Janet continues to stay involved in her church community. During the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Janet worked at the Deaconness hospital in Boston as a discharge nurse with patients with HIV and AIDS. At this time Janet was also a Eucharistic minister and provided communion to people on the HIV/AIDS floor of the hospital, which priests at the hospital would not do. She also stayed overnight twice a week with a patient who had been discharged but needed a friend to stay overnight with him.

Publication Date

Fall 11-17-2017


Portland, ME


Religion (Catholicism), Dignity Boston, Dignity Maine, HIV and the AIDS epidemic, the process of coming out, family, marriage


History of Gender | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Oral History | Women's Studies

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O'Day, Janet