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Ed Gardner is a 62 year old gay male currently living in Falmouth and working in Portland. He grew up in Lewiston Maine and moved to Portland as a young adult. Starting from scratch, Ed was able to buy and sell buildings and found tremendous success over his long career as a real estate agent. Over the course of his life, Ed has fundraised and donated to a variety of Maine’s LGBTQ organizations. He was involved directly with the establishment of the Equality Community Center by first hosting LGBTQ tenants in his office space, and then helping to raise money to purchase the old bank building in which the ECC is now housed. Ed also contributed to the ECC’s project by generously donating a parking lot adjacent to the bank building that will be the site of affordable housing for older LGTBQ and low-income tenants. Ed’s life story and contributions to his community are marked by his kindness and generosity.

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