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Jill Barkley Roy is a 42-year-old woman from Sault, Ste. Marie, Michigan who moved to Maine in 2004. A self-described “democrat from birth”, Jill grew up in a small conservative town with her sister older sister Christine. She attended the University of Michigan Ann Arbor as a women’s studies major. Jill found herself surrounded by new and exciting opportunities in college, becoming involved in several LGBT organizations that would eventually bring her to the East Coast. At age 23, Jill began working with Family Crisis Services, now known as Through These Doors, a domestic violence resource center. Upon working as an advocate and lobbyist for several domestic violence organizations, Jill learned she had a knack for policy work and reaching across the aisle to get bills passed.

In this interview, Jill talks about her extensive career as a political activist and lobbyist for LGBTQ+ rights in Maine and how she helped co-found two queer organizations, Maine’s Dyke March and Pride Portland!, the organization behind Maine’s annual Pride festival. Through her policy work, Jill has worked closely with Governor Baldacci and Governor LePage. She is now the Affiliate Director for Emerge America, overseeing the national organization’s work helping female candidates become trained to run for office.

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