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Johannah Burdin shares her story as a lesbian/queer woman experiencing southern Maine in the 1990s. Her story touches on topics involving coming out, relationships, a traumatic incident that left her disabled, activism, and much more. She was active in her youth in spreading awareness on the AIDS/HIV crisis, education on safe sex, and spent her evenings at popular Portland gay bars, like Sister’s Bar and Limelight/The Underground. Although she is not much into drinking, she recognized these were some of the few spots queer people could go to make community and relationships. Johannah also shares her story of becoming a parent, opting to do it on her own after deciding the partnership she was in wasn’t the right fit. She had to get creative in raising a child with one arm, but says this process allowed her to see how expansive her creativity and innovation really was. After many years of being involved in multiple activism efforts, Johannah decided to pursue a career that allowed her to have more time with her child, who is surrounded by a loving chosen family.

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Burdin, Johannah



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