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Fall 1999

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Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research


We examined the influence of music on mood by instructing 81 undergraduate students to complete the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List–Revised (MAACLR) both before and after watching a 15-min video that was or was not paired with a piece of music. The 2 music categories were pleasant or depressing. Participants from the depressing group experienced a drop in positive affect, whereas participants from the pleasant group showed an increase on this measure. Men from the pleasant group had the highest pretreatment and lowest post treatment anxiety scores, whereas the women displayed no change in anxiety. The results indicate that music has only a slight impact on mood.


This article is based on the undergraduate research work of Elizabeth J. Vella and Michael D. Irvin, Department of Psychology, Sonoma State University. A poster of this study was presented at the annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association on April 17, 1998, in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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