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The 2014 Homeless Services Utilization Report is the ninth annual report produced by the Center on Family at the University of Hawai‘i at M¯anoa and the Homeless Programs Office in the Hawai‘i State Department of Human Services. This year, the report aims to provide data related to four types of programs that have been implemented in the state of Hawai‘i and are intended to address homelessness. Results from the system and program-level analysis will be presented. As in previous years, the report includes usage information about shelter programs and outreach programs. Shelter programs provide temporary shelter for homeless individuals and include both emergency shelters and transitional shelters. Typically, emergency shelters are designed for short-term immediate shelter needs and transitional shelters allow a more extended stay with the intention of transitioning residents into more stable permanent housing. Outreach programs are often the first point of contact for many homeless individuals. The primary goal of outreach programs is to identify homeless individuals and connect them with services.

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