Ways of Coping in Relationship and Achievement Situations: Further Consideration of Gender and Gender-Role Typing

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Journal of Worry and Affective Experience


Differences in coping style in interpersonal relationships were examined as a function of gender and gender role typing among 165 college students. Differences in coping strategies primarily reflected gender-roletyping and not gender itself. Confrontative coping, emotional self-control, and accepting of personal responsibility were more characteristic of both masculine and feminine gender-typed individuals than androgynous individuals. Feminine-typed individuals also demonstrated greater reliance on seeking social support, escape avoidance, and positive reappraisal of the situation as means of coping. Androgynous individuals were conspicuously low with regard to reliance on either problem-focused or emotion-focused coping strategies. The implications of gender role typing and the differential use of coping strategies were considered.


† indicates Undergraduate Student

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