POP 101: Queering the Archives

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This presentation attempts to construct a history of the Maine Bisexual People’s Network (MBPN), drawing from primary sources from USM’s Special Collections, specifically from the LGBTQ+ Collection in the Jean Byers Sampson Center. Information includes when, why, and how the MBPN was founded, who founded the organization, important events in the MBPN’s history, and the experience of bisexuality for Mainers. Also included are images of the primary sources, such as clips from Our Paper: Serving the Alternative Community, a publication that served queer Mainers. While the MBPN was just one of several examples from Maine’s history of LGBTQ+ organizations, the group combated issues facing bisexual Mainers and established a community just for them.


Additionally, here is a link to the presentation in Google Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lcyad2WfZSGnejP0ghS02lK1cSkLDavt/view?usp=sharing



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