Nietzsche as Kant’s True Heir?

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The Journal of Nietzsche Studies


In this short article, I present several challenges to Maudemarie Clark and David Dudrick's bold claim that one of Nietzsche's main goals in Beyond Good and Evil is to establish himself as “Kant's true heir.” First, I critique their argument that the prefaces to the Critique of Pure Reason and BGE bear a “striking similarity” to each other. Second, I try to refute their claim that Nietzsche in BGE 11 is “positioning himself … as the true successor to Kant.” Nietzsche does not exhibit the positive interest in the a priori that one expects from even the most minimal Kantian, and his norms are hardly Kant's. Finally, in my conclusion, I draw some qualified connections between Nietzsche's normative project and a more naturalistic option within the history of philosophy—namely, American pragmatism.