’Pierre Loves Horranges’: Sartre and Malabou on the Fantastic in Philosophy

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Winter 2015

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Labyrinth, An International Journal for Philosophy, Value Theory and Cultural Hermeneutics, (Vienna), special issue on Sartre


In "Pierre Loves Horranges ", a little noticed essay on Sartre's existential psychoanalysis, emerging French philosopher Catherine Malabou offers a new reading of "Doing and Having", in Sartre's Being and Nothingness for her philosophy of the fantastic. We compare Sartre and Malabou on the fantastic, focusing on their analyses of quality, viscosity and ontological difference. We argue that Malabou's reinterpretation of Sartre's symbolic schema, which serves to make visible the change and exchange in the ontological difference, is valuable for a psychoanalysis of the future, one that comes after metaphysics and deconstruction.


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