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2014 World Congress in Computer Science, Conference Proceedings: Computer Engineering and Applied Computing


In fall 2013, the Maine Cybersecurity Cluster (MCSC), was invited to assist the United States Coast Guard with cybersecurity training. MCSC conducted training activities that created the conditions under which Coast Guard personnel could experience and respond to cyber attacks first-hand. A major result of this endeavor was the recognition of two critical needs: 1) the necessity for a flexible, learning laboratory to address the increased security requirements presented by the Internet of Things (IoT), and 2) the need for applied education and training for students going into information assurance professions. To fill these gaps, MCSC designed plans for the creation of a Virtual Cybersecurity Collaborative Learning Lab (VCCLL). The lab would operate inter-institutionally and offer innovative, hands-on, collaborative learning experiences aimed at preventing and mitigating cyber attacks in real time. This paper delineates the background, design, and benefits of the VCCLL.



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