OUT cast 01/11/2021


OUT cast 01/11/2021


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Tune in to OUT Cast Monday, January 11 from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m. as Sive interviews co-host Steve Bull. Steve grew up in Kennebunk and as a student at the University of Maine Orono was a co-founder of the Wilde-Stein Club, igniting a controversy that polarized the state and made national news. Fundamentalist preachers and right-wing state legislators ran a multi-media campaign to decertify the fledgling group to no avail. Wilde-Stein fought back the opposition and hosted the first Maine Gay Symposium at the Orono campus in April, 1974. Steve chaired that gathering of 300 which included activists from around the state as well as leading figures of what was then called Gay Liberation from NYC and Boston. From this came the first state-wide organization, the Maine Gay Task Force. Steve left Maine in August, 1975 for a lifetime of social activism in the Los Angeles area, returning to Maine in 2016. Steve now chairs the advisory committee for the LGBTQ+ Collection at USM and co-hosts OUT Cast on WMPG. Steve will share the story of a ragtag group of young militants, inspired by Stonewall, laying the foundation of the fight for queer liberation in Maine.

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90.9 WMPG FM


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OUT cast 01/11/2021