OUT cast 09/27/2021


OUT cast 09/27/2021


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Tune in to OUT Cast on Monday, September 27 to hear an interview with Lutheran pastor and gay man, Christephor Gilbert, on “Queer Spirit,” a series of conversations exploring queer life and the power of the Sacred hosted by OUT Cast collective members Marvin Ellison and Tamara Torres McGovern. Christephor Gilbert is pastor of St. Ansgar Lutheran Church in Portland. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky and completed his ministry studies in Chicago, but ministry is perhaps Christephor’s second or even third career. He has an extensive background in the performing arts as a dancer and choreographer, an actor and costume designer, and as a director. Before arriving in Portland, he worked for Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, an organization that affirms and supports LGBTQ+ faith leaders in the Lutheran tradition. He’s also an active member of Proclaim, the professional organization of queer Lutheran pastors and seminarians. Christephor lives in Portland with his husband Donald. When you visit the St. Ansgar church website, you find that marvelous statement: “We believe that God loves every single one of God’s children. No. Matter. What. . . . We believe that our faith is at its best when we’re building relationship with and serving our neighbors.”

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OUT cast 09/27/2021