OUT cast 05/24/2021


OUT cast 05/24/2021


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Tune in to OUT Cast on Monday, May 24 for the latest LGBTQ+ local and world news. Hosted by OUT Cast collective member Daralyn (Dal) Maxwell. Daralyn (Dal) a devotee of alternative music since before her teens, has developed a love of radio. As the music scene evolved, so did Dal's musical tastes and today she finds herself very multi-dimensional in her appreciation for different genres. Among her credentials are radio stints in upstate New York, Vermont, and at WMPG here in Portland Maine. Although her affiliation with WMPG has not been constant owing to life and medical issues, the fire within still burns bright for alternative/community radio. As an out and proud trans woman, Dal currently brings to WMPG two things very close and important to her.......her life-long passion for contemporary Celtic music and timely LGB and especially T-centric news of the day from around the world.

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Portland, Maine


Cultural History | Digital Humanities | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | History | History of Gender | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Oral History | Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

OUT cast 05/24/2021