OUT cast 05/31/2021


OUT cast 05/31/2021


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Tune in to OUT Cast on Monday, May 31 to hear an interview about Women in Harmony with guests Kitty Beller-McKenna and Monica Fischbach, hosted by OUT Cast collective member Marvin Ellison. Founded in 1993 and based in southern Maine, Women in Harmony is a chorus of 60 women singers who perform in concert and promote social justice through music. “Our vision,” the WIH website reads, is “a world where every voice is equal and valued.” Catherine Beller-McKenna – better known as Kitty -- became the second music director of Women in Harmony in 1999, bringing to the group extensive experience in conducting both women’s and mixed choruses in community and collegiate settings. A believer in the potential of music and language to effect social change, Kitty is strongly committed to Women in Harmony’s tradition of singing out for equality and social justice. Monica Fischbach has been a member of Women in Harmony for over ten years, starting with a concert called “Sister, Carry On.” A longtime lesbian feminist, she has been involved in many community causes. One of the things Monica enjoys most about Women in Harmony is the community of women, united in creating social justice and peace through the connection that shared music provides. In her words, “There is nothing like the moment when our voices blend to express what is in our hearts. Nothing like it.”

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OUT cast 05/31/2021