OUT cast 06/21/2021


OUT cast 06/21/2021


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Tune in to OUT Cast on Monday, June 21 to hear an interview with Will Green and Ophelia Hu Kinney, two queer faith leaders whose congregations have recently voted to leave the United Methodist Church because of that denomination’s continued opposition to marriage equality and the ordination of LBGTQ clergy. This interview is hosted by OUT Cast collective members Marvin Ellison and Tamara Torres McGovern. Will Green of New Brackett Church on Peaks Island describes himself as “a gay man who has been far too active in denominational politics.” New Brackett is only the second United Methodist congregation in the U.S. to break from the international denomination – and the first of four churches in Maine that are in the process of doing so. To depart, the congregation was required to pay the denomination about $200,000, which is more than its annual budget. Ophelia Hu Kinney is the Director of Communications for Reconciling Ministries Network, an organization advancing LGBTQ justice and inclusion in churches. She also serves as the worship coordinator at Hope Gateway in Portland, a former United Methodist congregation.

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OUT cast 06/21/2021