OUT cast 04/26/2021


OUT cast 04/26/2021


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Tune in to OUT Cast on Monday, April 26 to hear a remarkable interview with Marpheen Chann, Cambodian queer activist and educator for justice, on “Queer Spirit”.

Queer Spirit is a series of conversations exploring queer life and the power of the Sacred hosted by OUT Cast collective members, Rev. Marvin Ellison and Rev. Tamara Torres McGovern.

Marpheen Chann is a Portland-based thinker, writer, educator, and speaker on social justice, equity, and inclusion. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Southern Maine and a law degree from the University of Maine School of Law. Currently, he’s on staff at Maine’s Holocaust and Human Rights Center. He also serves as co-president of the Cambodian Community Association of Maine.

Marpheen has an intriguing personal journey as a gay man and first-generation Asian American, who was born in California to a Cambodian refugee family and later adopted by an evangelical, white working-class family in Maine. He uses a mix of storytelling and humor to help people view topics such as racism, xenophobia, and homophobia through an intersectional lens.

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OUT cast 04/26/2021