OUT cast 04/12/2021


OUT cast 04/12/2021


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Sylvie interviews John-Michael Albert (Mike).

John-Michael Albert (Mike) moved from Houston to New Hampshire on Ground Hog Day in 1999. Since then he has been active in the poetry community, serving on the board of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, hosting monthly poetry readings throughout the Seacoast, giving readings, and supporting open mic and readings as an avid audience member.

He edited the 2-volume anthology, The Poets’ Guide to New Hampshire (2008, 2010), featuring 400 poems by 300 poets, about all aspects of the State, gathered from sources spanning the last 200 years.

He also works with poets to help them get their work published. 10 volumes of his own poetry have been published, the most recent of which is Questions You Were Too Polite to Ask (Marble Kite Press, 2018).

Mike served as the Portsmouth Poet Laureate from 2011 to 2013.

He is a published composer (Yelton Rhodes Music), with a BA in music from The University of the South (1980, Sewanee TN) and 15 years of experience composing for and conducting the Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston (1981-1995).

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OUT cast 04/12/2021