OUT cast 04/19/2021


OUT cast 04/19/2021


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Tune in to OUT Cast on Monday, April 19 to hear OUT Cast collective members Dal Maxwell and Dick Harrison interview Elissa Miller, SAGE Program Assistant / Equality Maine.

Elissa Miller (she/her/hers)

Elissa Miller is serving with EqualityMaine as the SAGE Program Assistant through AmeriCorps VISTA.

Originally from North Carolina, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Political Science. While at UNC Charlotte, Elissa was the Head of Speaker Coordination and one of the founding members of Sex Week UNC Charlotte, a student organization that creates programming related to sexual education. She was especially focused on creating programming related to LGBTQ+ identities as well as the impacts of religion on sexual health.

Elissa has previously interned with the Charlotte nonprofits Safe Alliance and the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation.

Elissa is excited to join the EQME team and support LGBTQ+ older adults through SAGE programming and in her spare time, she enjoys musical theater and good books.""

Join SAGE Maine for Spring Awakening, our 3rd LGBTQ+ Aging Symposium! This important event, held every other year, will be virtual and take place on the platform Zoom. Together, we will explore several topics of interest to the community, from housing to self-care to state policy. Beyond that, this will be a space for us to gather as a community and uplift one another after a very long year. We are also excited to host a pre-event Happy Hour on the eve of the Symposium with the opportunity to connect with LGBTQ+ older adults all across the state.""

We are especially excited to announce that Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of Maine CDC, will be joining us for this event! Join us as we learn more about the future of COVID-19 prevention in Maine. Other speakers for the day include Aaron Tax, Director of Advocacy for SAGE USA, Jane Margesson, AARP Maine’s Communications Director, and Susan Corbett, Director of the National Digital Equity Center.

Stay tuned for a full schedule announcement next week! This event is FREE to attend and registration is required.

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OUT cast 04/19/2021