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Brunswick And Topsham Cumberland County Sagadahoc County Maine 1877


Albert Ruger


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Cumberland, Sagadahoc


Albert Ruger


36 x 54 cm


Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

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Maine Historic Preservation Commission

Population of City/Town at Time of Publication

Brunswick: 4,687 ; Topsham: 1,498

Description of City/Town

As thriving communities known for textile manufacturing, paper making, and Bowdoin College, Brunswick and Topsham had a combined population of 7,000 in the 1870s. Bowdoin College appears at the lower right with Massachusetts Hall, the college row of Winthrop Hall, Maine Hall, the Chapel, and Appleton Hall, and the more recent additions of Adams Hall and Memorial Hall.

Historic Newspaper References

Brunswick Telegraph, October 5, 1877

Mr. T. M. Fowler is round with a pencil sketch of the two villages, drawn by Mr. A. Ruger of Boston, and is soliciting subscriptions to lithographs to be taken from the pencil sketch. All the streets and houses are laid down in the two places, and a very neat plat of the College grounds and buildings appears on the sketch. If the Agent calls on you, reader for a subscription you can test the accuracy of the work by pointing out your residence. It is a capital picture through the use of which “little folk” can study geography. You are supposed to be looking down upon the two towns from a southwest standpoint. We think the work well worthy of patronage.

Brunswick Telegraph, January 4, 1878

The view of Brunswick has been delivered to subscribers and it makes a very pretty picture. The agent may have left a half dozen copies

Brunswick Telegraph, February 8, 1878

The Wheeler History of Brunswick, Topsham & Harpswell, Now Ready, And for Sale at $3.50 per copy. Bird’s-Eye Views of Brunswick and Topsham, price $1.50 per copy. The views will be framed very cheap, and when framed make a very nice picture for the house or counting room. This Bird’s-eye View is a very fine representation of the two towns, and will be a very good map to preserve with the above history.

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Brunswick, Topsham, Cumberland County, Sagadahoc County, Maine, Bird's eye, View, Map


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