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Calais (1879)

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Panoramic View of the City of Calais, Washington Co. Maine St. Stephen And Milltown Washington Co. Charlotte Co. New Brunswick 1879


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Albert F. Poole


J. J. Stoner


46 x 67 cm


Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

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Incorporated as a city in 1850, Calais became a major lumber port in the nineteenth century. By 1860 its annual production numbered 55 million board feet, 49 million lathes, and 2.5 million shingles. The shipping of these wood products was facilitated by a deep-water port that was ice free nine months of the year.

Historic Newspaper References

Calais Advertiser, October 8, 1879

Mr. Poole will be in town next week to deliver his bird’s eye view of Calais, so those who subscribed for a copy had better get ready to receive it.

Calais Advertiser, October 15, 1879

The Bird’s Eye View of Calais has arrived, and we have no hesitation in saying it is all that can be desired in correctness of detail, style, and quality of finish. Mr. Poole has a few extra copies with which to supply those who may wish to possess this valuable picture.

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Calais, Washington County, Maine, St. Stephen, Milltown, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Bird's eye, View, Map


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