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Waldoboro (1896)

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Waldoboro, Lincoln County Maine 1896


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George E. Norris


33 x 59 cm


Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

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The principal village is at the mouth of the Medomac River, a little south of the centre of the town. The productive establishments here consist of an iron foundry, an oakum mill, a carding and cloth-dressing mill, a grain-mill, saw and planing mills, marble and granite yards, a pottery, ship-yards, furniture and moulding-mills, a door, sash and blind factory, a carriage factory, etc. Waldoborough is on the Knox and Lincoln Railroad….There are some fine buildings in the village, and several handsome residences. Many of the streets are set with shade trees, consisting of maple, elm, and horse-chestnut, some of them a hundred years old.

A Gazetteer of the State of Maine, George J. Varney, 1881, 1886

Historic Newspaper References

Lincoln County News, Waldoboro, February 27, 1896

Mr. George Norris of Brockton, Mass., is in town this week making a sketch of Waldoboro village for the purpose of producing a photogravure. His picture will be 22 x 28 inches and will faithfully portray the topographical features of the locality with all the buildings accurately represented. It will take Mr. Norris about two weeks to make the sketch, and the work will be ready for delivery in about five weeks. The price will be two dollars each.

Lincoln County News, Waldoboro, March 5, 1896

Mr. Norris, who is sketching the village, is making good progress regardless of the stormy weather.

Lincoln County News, Waldoboro, March 19, 1896

The mysterious work of that stranger who has been prying around among the buildings in the village, first in one locality and then in another, marking upon a roll which he carried, is completed. The sketch of Waldoboro mentioned in the News, is the result of his strange action. It embraces from the Ex-Governor Marble place and the Old Pottery, looking north, to the quarry and the Camden mountains. The sections “south” are shown in vignettes. A survey of the streets is the basis of the work and the perspective distances and directions are determined mathematically. Each street and every building will show that the work has been carefully down, even to the exact number of windows, doors, chimneys, etc., and as readily recognized as they could be, should one look at them from the same distant point. This sketch, Mr. George E. Norris of Brockton proposes to publish in the form of a photogravure, printed upon heavy plate paper. As it is a purely local picture, the entire sale must be made in this village, and at least 100 copies are required to secure publication. Two dollars per copy is the price, payable on delivery in two or three weeks, finished prints being guaranteed as good as the samples shown—size 22x28. Like the photo of the “old home,” the memories of childhood cluster about such a picture, and the events that have made up the sum total of one’s experience in Waldoboro involuntarily troop up into memory’s vision at a glance over the familiar landscape. Former residents of Waldoboro, desiring a copy of this picture, can have it sent to them on approval by addressing Mr. Norris at Brockton, Mass.

Lewiston Evening Journal, March 19, 1896

Mr. George E. Norris of Brockton, Mass., has just completed a sketch of Waldoboro village which locates every building within the village limits. The sketch will be reproduced at once by photogravure and copies of it distributed.

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