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Bangor (1875)

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Bird's Eye View of the City of Bangor Penobscot County Maine 1875


Augustus Koch


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Augustus Koch


Charles Shober & Co.


J. J. Stoner


65.4 x 78.75 cm


Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

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Maine Historic Preservation Commission
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Situated on the Penobscot River midway between vast forests and the coast, Bangor was one of the nation’s largest lumber ports with its trade extending to the West Indies and Europe. Shipyards on both sides of the river supplied the vessels to transport millions of board feet of lumber to market each year.

Historic Newspaper References

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, February 9, 1875

Bird's-Eye View of Bangor. The prospective introduction of water into the city, the building of new school-houses, the performances of the Amateur Minstrels, and some other things, are evidently giving the Queen City of Maine an impetus, the reputation of which is not confined to the limits of the commonwealth. Mr. J. J. Stoner of Madison, Wis., having published a bird’s-eye view of the principal cities of the Union, appreciating the enterprise and importance of Bangor, has been engaged in preparing for publication a bird’s-eye view of our municipality. The original sketch has been made by Mr. A. Koch, locating the several streets, and giving each building and prominent object as it would appear to a man “up in a balloon.” Aside from its topographical correctness, the picture will be worthy of preservation by our citizens, and, should sufficient encouragement be received, Mr. Stoner will publish it as a lithograph of a size amply large to meet the requirements of such a work.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, February 23, 1875

We learn that Mr. Stoner is meeting with success in his canvass for subscriptions for the bird’s-eye view of Bangor which he has prepared for publication. It is a fine work, and will prove both useful and ornamental.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, July 17, 1875

Mr. J. J. Stoner writes that he expects to commence delivering the Bird’s-Eye views of Bangor in a week or ten days.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, July 24, 1875

Mr. Patchen has nearly completed delivering the bird’s-eye views of Bangor.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, July 24, 1875

If you have the new picture, “Bird’s Eye View of Bangor,” have it framed at DAKIN’S and get the benefit of his extremely low prices, which will continue for a few days longer.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, July 24, 1875

Bird’s Eye View of Bangor, Neatly framed in Black Walnut and Gilt, for $2.25 and upwards, at DAKIN’S, Corner Main and Water sts.

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