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Wiscasset (1878)

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Birds Eye View of The Village of Wiscasset Lincoln Co. Maine. 1878


Albert Ruger


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Albert Ruger


J. J. Stoner


37 x 52 cm


Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

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Maine Historic Preservation Commission
Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library
Library of Congress

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Wiscasset is situated on the Sheepscot River, in the south-eastern part of Lincoln county. Wiscasset Bay, an enlargement of the Sheepscot River, occupies about one-third of the eastern side of the town, and is one of the best harbors on our eastern coast, being thoroughly protected, capacious, deep, and open even when Boston Harbor is closed as far as the Castle….One hundred vessels of the largest size can anchor here at once in from 12 to 20 fathoms of water. A high bridge has been thrown across the river to Edgecomb, directly above the harbor, which has a draw of 34 feet, through which vessels of 1000 tons pass without difficulty….The village has several fine residences….The village park, shaded by old elms and surrounded by the Congregational church, the court-house, and pleasant residences, is an attractive spot. The Episcopal church and the rectory adjoining, afford a contrast of old and new styles of architecture. The principal mills in operation are near the village on the south side. They are run by steam-power; and vessels of large size load at the wharves beside them. Of these, the first, on Hobson’s Island, produces lumber and box shooks. In connection with it is a grist-mill. The second and more distant mill, is situated on Birch Point, and is devoted mainly to long and short lumber. The principal other manufactures are sails and bricks.

A Gazetteer of the State of Maine, George J. Varney, 1881, 1886

Historic Newspaper References

Lincoln County News, Waldoboro, April 25, 1878

The Bath Times say Mr. Patchen, the agent for the bird’s eye view of that city and other places, is in town. He has yet five or six places to visit before his labors will be closed in this state, among which is Wiscasset, where he will deliver the views in about four weeks.

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